The 2015 RSS Statistical Analytics Challenge is now live!


This year’s RSS Challenge is entitled “Analysis of eye movements”, and is based on a fascinating data set kindly provided by Nathalie Guyader & Anne Guérin (Gipsa-lab, Grenoble, France).

Eye movements are a window to brain mechanisms responsible for the allocation of attention. Vision research has long sought good statistical models for predicting and analysing eye movements, and the goal of the 2015 RSS Challenge is to see if you can come up with new and interesting ways to do this.

In order to ensure the Challenge is as accessible as possible, we have assembled some quick-start instructions to help you get started once you’ve downloaded the data. To obtain the necessary files and get up and running, please follow the six steps below:

1. Go to where the 2015 RSS Challenge files are stored.

2. To obtain all the files (around 185Mb in total), click the “Download ZIP” button in the bottom-right of the screen to download the “files-master” zip file.

3. In your File Manager (or command line), extract all the files within this zip to a convenient location on your hard drive.

4. Open up the extracted “files-master” folder on your hard disk and you will see another folder inside called “images”, which contains three subfolders (“abnormal_colour”, “greyscale”, and “normal”), each containing 60 images in different formats. Alongside the “images” folder you should also see a zip file called “”, which is password-protected

5. Using the password “2015Chall3ng3” (without the quotes), extract all the files in “” to sit alongside the “images” folder. You should find there are five files inside:  2015_rss_challenge.html, data.csv, PhuocHoJOV2012.pdf, quickstart_in_r.html, and screen.png

6. Open up 2015_rss_challenge.html for an introduction to the 2015 Challenge, including a description of the data set and some example R code.

If you have any difficulties accessing the data, please don’t hesitate to get in touch at

Finally, don’t forget to register your team by Wednesday 20 May to ensure you are eligible to receive feedback on your draft report. (Please click on the “CHALLENGE RULES” tab to browse through all rules of the Challenge, including those regarding team composition.) The final submission deadline for reports is 6pm BST (5pm GMT) on Friday 19 June.

We hope you enjoy this year’s Challenge and wish all teams the very best of luck!


With best wishes,

The 2015 RSS Statistical Analytics Challenge team.


To register your team for the competition, please click the REGISTER HERE tab, and follow the instructions.

To view the full rules of the competition, please click the CHALLENGE RULES tab.

To see a list of the key dates, please click the TIMELINE tab.



The RSS Challenge is sponsored by Select Statistics.